Step 2: Quantify how many people are living in each tenure

The goal of step 2 is to define the number of units and number of occupants in each tenure. Estimates for many tenures can be generated through existing secondary public data sources. For the Oakland pilot project, we compiled data from 16 existing data sources. To see which sources we used, how we used them, and limits in our strategy, visit Step 2 within the Oakland pilot report.

From a research perspective, quantifying population by tenure type is the most challenging. While this is a necessary step in HVA – good policy and advocacy should be based on some sense of how many people are living in each tenure – this step will likely only yield a very broad-brush picture. For instance, in Oakland we were able to obtain reasonable data on only 35 of the 56 identified tenures. Lack of good data should not prevent the analysis from moving to Step 3. In cases where little or not data is available, or where data analysis skills are lacking, HVA can be done by skipping from Step 1 to Step 3.

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