Project Background

Housing Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) was developed based on an initial concept paper written by Jake Wegmann (University of Texas), Alex Schafran (University of Leeds) and Deirdre Pfeiffer (Arizona State University) in 2016. As subsequent blog post for Shelterforce helped bring some of these ideas to housing professionals. The paper called for more nuanced and detailed attention by advocates and policymakers to housing tenure.

We then began a collaboration with Steve King and the Oakland Community Land Trust (OAKCLT), funded by both the School of Geography at the University of Leeds and OAKCLT, to turn some of these ideas into a useful tool for advocates, policymakers and housing professionals. Each tenure in any given place comes with certain sets of vulnerabilities, and certain protections, and we sought to develop a means of analysis to understand these vulnerabilities and protections. We decided to develop this analysis through a pilot study of the City of Oakland.

Anna Cash, now of the Urban Displacement Project, came on as the lead author, and developed the initial HVA analysis as part of a capstone project for her Masters in City Planning at UC Berkeley. Her research included interviews with housing professionals in Oakland, some of whom agreed to work with us to fine tune the analysis and to turn initial findings into recommendations.

In April and September 2018, we conducted workshops with Oakland and regional housing advocates. Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA) joined as a partner at this time.

Further ideation on the future of HVA (to include environmental and financial risk) and editorial assistance was provided by Zac Taylor (University of Leeds).